Sep 18, 2012 10:43AM

10 Reasons Why Mark Fast's LFW Show Was Awesome

Including but not limited to: capes, models who looked like working girls, and one of the guests singing along to the music.

Mark Fast’s SS13 collection, ‘BROKE’, was one of his strongest to date. First and foremost, the show was fun — there was loads of colour, ghetto-styling, up-tempo tunes, and a working girls feel to the whole shebang. Here are ten reasons why Mark’s show rocked our jocks and socks:

1. The colour scheme was a sublime mix of lavender, rose pink, and mint green.  

2. The show was styled by the incredibly talented Zoe Bedeaux, who is responsible for the styling in some of Juergen Teller’s most iconic shoots (there’s a really great interview with her in Apartamento, FYI). The models wore kind-of-triangular, frizzy, blonde wigs with big gold hoop earrings, plus socks under their heels (which are the result of an ongoing collaboration between Mark and Louboutin). 

3.There was a black cape with a mint-green inner lining, which made us hungry for choc-mint ice cream, and, also, it’s always time for a cape. 

4. The models looked like real life working girls! Whoever did the casting deserves a medal, because it really seemed as if they’d trawled the backstreets of South London for these foxy ladies. (As a side note, Rihanna once smoked a doobie in a Mark Fast dress, and all of these girls looked as if they could have had doobies just before the show. Pretty sure they hadn’t, but… Yeah.)

5. We heard someone singing along to the music, which is always a good sign. Maybe it was the same guy that was singing at House of Holland

6. Fishnet cardigans — perfect for the saucy nana in us all.

7. Floor-length, all-fringe, metallic cape. Obviously. 

8. Fashion Week could use more bling, and this show had it in spades. 

9. People cheered at the end.

10. Mark attempted to do the Roc Nation symbol when he came out at the end, but instead turned it into an awkward hand gesture, which culminated in a non-awkward wave — for a designer this is to recoveries what almost-falling-over-in-your-heels-but-miraculously-maintaining-your-balance is to models.
Photography via
Zac Bayly