Jun 23, 2015 3:29PM

15 Life Lessons We've Learnt From Meryl Streep

Happy birthday, Meryl.

Flawless creature and actual best actor ever Meryl Streep dropped heaps of wisdom this week at the Golden Globes, as if you needed another reason to Ily her. Since 1975, Meryl has been changing our lives via a casual 75 movies/TV roles (according to IMDB). In this time, she has made us laugh, cry-laugh, feel feelings and feel inspired. Meanwhile, IRL Meryl was/is constantly being a badass and saying badasss things.

In tribute to our spirit animal and straight up goddess Meryl, here's an incomplete list of all the things she's taught us.

1. Never feign modesty.

2. It is important to have priorities.

3. Be chill with who you are.

4. Never sugarcoat things.

5. Everybody hurts.

6. All pink everything is the only way to internet.

7. Always include a strong dose of side eyes in your glasses removal.

8. How to ice Woody Allen.

9. What to say when people complain during your speech.

10. You can always be more fab.

11. How to react to a feminist speech.

12. Toes are cool.

13. You're never too old.

14. How to deliver a burn. 

15. Don't take yourself too seriously.

Thanks for giving us life, Meryl.

Photos and GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones