Mar 26, 2017 4:12AM

5 Cool Fash Docos To Ease Your Post-Fashion Month Boredom

Now that the ~major~ Fashion Weeks are over and your insta feeds are slowing down to a Carrie Bradshaw crawling across the real people runway, it's time to get deep on some footage of your favs doing what they do best. 
Made In Milan
The internet has recently unearthed a pretty rare Armani documentary that is very much worth your time. It's top of the list materials for many reasons. First, Scorsese is behind this very inspired look at how the man works — making it unrealistically poetic and appropriately dramatic. The close up of Georgio's eye peeping the runway is absolutely classic. The soundtrack is incred. And something about the handling of the models is a bit suss. 
Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton
A great reminder that young Marc is essentially Seth Cohen. Aside from that, the doco details Marc's work for LV, the really endearing relationship he has with his pattern makers and sewers, and the process behind that hilarious/excellent bag made of loads of old LV bags.
Notebook On Cities & Clothes
Yohji Yamamoto and Wim Wenders <3 This one follows Yohji prepare for one of his early Paris shows, but the moments in between the planning are what make it special. Their appreciation for each other, and their artistic peers and so warm and fuzzy and inspiring. A real feel-good.
Just for Kicks
Hypebeats before hypebeats! Featuring interviews from OG sneaker fans like Missy Elliot, Adam Horovitz and Grandmaster Caz, this doco is truly it. Showing pure dedication to the shoes, it details the lengths people go to to get rare pairs as well as the means they'll take to protect them from being ganked at gunpoint. 
Ok, not a documentary but you cannot go past this if you haven't seen it. Among a literal ensemble cast, it stars Julia Roberts for no apparent reason (seriously what even is her storyline?) plus cameos from Björk, Cher, Thierry Mugler, Sonia Rykiel, JPG, Issey Miyake, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and so many more. The archival footage of shows and shoots is super tight and worth sitting through the silliness.
Photo: Made In Milan 

Hayley Morgan