Jun 03, 2011 12:00AM

98th Sexiest Woman In The World?

As if we needed another reason to steer clear of FHM.

Purchasing your bi-monthly copy of Oyster at your local news-stand could almost be given merit as an enlightening experience. Observing the purchases of your fellow media consumers can betray fleeting insights into their private lives, tastes and interests. You might witness a few 14-16 year old girls obnoxiously joking about the sealed section of Dolly magazine, or awkwardly catch the eye of someone lurking in the M-rated section. And then, the inevitable inward groan as the badly dressed, 16-30 year old male hands over his hard earned wage to get his dose of "sexy girls, news and men's fashion" in the form of FHM magazine.

Distinctly underwhelming at the best of times, FHM has been confined to the proverbial dog house of the media realm after a recent online mishap. By mishap, I mean an offensive, ignorant and poorly written online post concerning the "blonde gender-bender" Andrej Pejic. The post was taken down after its nature was fully realized, but not before it got snapped up by numerous outlets, all ready and willing to come to Pejic's defense. Admittedly, the slam pertains to naming Pejic "98th sexiest woman in the world", which makes it difficult to determine what it is that FHM are (in)eloquently trying to achieve.

In three short paragraphs, the author manages to dismiss the current trend of open-mindedness found in the fashion industry, make some fairly lame jokes and even insinuate that Andrej is some kind of sub-human. The real reason why Pejic came under the line of fire? Because he doesn't have large breasts; consequently, he is not a "hot girl". So why is he number 98? Who knows! FHM certainly don't. It would seem that FHM don't know quite a few things.

The next time you see that young man at your news-stand about to succumb to the scantily clad model on the cover of FHM, do them (and all fashion-forward models) a favor by passing them the sick bucket instead.

FYI, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley came in as number 1 sexiest woman in the world.