Apr 22, 2015 6:16PM

A Collection Of Short Films Courtesy Of HP Future Filmmakers [Watch]

Bend the rules.

Because we love both procrastinating and seeing creative up-and-comers succeed in life, we've been tracking HP's short film competitionHP Future Filmmakers put a call out to all the aspiring directors out there to interpret the theme 'Bend the Rules' in their own way. Rules were bent, feelings were felt, and issues were tackled. 

So take a break from your non-stop Netflix binge, give the finalists' short films a gander and place your votes. To help you decide which short to watch first, we made some very academic cliff notes about each film and the iconic films/TV shows they remind us of.

The Time Tube
Directed by Toby Morris (who made his first film when he was 13)

If you like…Back To The Future but have always thought it should a bit more like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Central themes:
Calico kitten
Fluffy dog
Molecular physicist 
The very nature of time itself
Animal-specific time machines  

Talk the Walk
Directed by Mitch Kennedy (who is a former actor)

If you like…the miscreant crew of teenagers in Skins and think they'd learn a thing or two from from Ilana Wexler of Broad City.

Central themes:
Young <3

Mel and Rana
Directed by Jen Farrow (who also works as a festival producer)

If you like…Bend It Like Beckham but think it could use a touch of that Kath & Kim tacky.

Central themes:
Shane Warne
Cross-cultural flirting

The First Fires of Outliers
Directed by Edward John Drake (a self-described 'Half Cajun, all Ragin')

If you like…The Kings Of Summer and #inspirational poetry.

Central themes:


Directed by Joel Kohn (has worked with Oscar Winning director Anthony Minghella)

If you like…Slumdog Millionaire and the dystopic future portrayed in Blade Runner.

Central themes:

Happy viewing and be sure to ~watch this space~ for your chance to win a shiny new prize courtesy of HP.

Madeleine Woon