Sep 29, 2015 4:24PM

A Glorious Two-Part 'X-Files' Trailer Is Here

The truth is STILL out there.

Eeeeeep! Brand new X-Files episodes are only a few months away from our screens, cue: the X-Files theme on repeat in our heads forever. Today, the guys over at FOX have come through with the goods to feed our X-Files obsession and give us an idea of where the series revival will take us.

The first of two promos may be low-res but it is full of mystery/ investigation/ Duchovny so it's fine by us.
The second clip sees Mulder and Scully reunite for their toughest mission yet with a very "trust no one" message preceding a montage of shady people doing shady things. 

The truth is defs still out there and we can't wait to join Mulder and Scully on their quest to find it.

The X-Files is due out January, 2016.

Photo: Tumblr 

Lucy Jones