Jan 19, 2017 11:00AM

A Lisa Frank Movie Is Coming


Lisa Frank was life when it came to decorating your school books/everything you owned in the 90s. And, because we're actually still living in the 90s, the cute little pals are getting their very own feature film. Lisa has teamed up with producer Jon Shestack to bring her trippy rainbow world to a whole new generation but it's us ~adults~ who're frothing this news most.

"Lisa Frank's world is cheerful, it's optimistic, it's hip, but it is without snark," Jon told Variety. "It's just sort of impossible to scowl when you're smiling, and why would you want to? I'm so stoked to be part of this."

Lisa said she's been planning to get into the movie biz for a minute now. "I have always wanted to do a feature film that brings the world of Lisa Frank to life," she said. "We have so much backstory on our characters and they have been alive in my imagination since the beginning."

We're expecting huge things from her iconic characters.

Via: Variety
GIF: Tumblr

Lucy Jones