Jun 24, 2015 6:38AM

Abortion Drone Is A Real Thing, Also The Best Thing

Unfortunately 'abortion drone' isn't something that cruises around zapping unformed things out of female bodies, and it also isn't Courtney Love's new solo project. But it is still the best thing.
The humanitarian project, though so much more than that, was developed by Women on Waves and a few other women's activist groups. It's a drone carrying abortion-inducing pills mifepristone and misoprostol from Germany (where they are legal to take) across the boarder to Poland (where they are not legal to take, and where abortion is severely restricted). The first mission is set for this Saturday.
The act of flying the pills over the boarder isn't illegal and they don't need the ok from Germany or Poland because it is under five pounds, not for commercial use, and the drone will be visible by the pilot. These are some really important loopholes. The drone will deliver the medication to reproductive health groups to distribute to people who want to terminate their pregnancy, but don't have access to a legal and safe method.
Women on Waves normally send pills through the post, to women who've placed orders online. So this drone business isn't just a health strategy, but a political statement too.
While so much of the world still thinks it's 1940 when it comes to abortion, it's awesome to see Women on Waves embracing the crucial detail that it is, in fact, 2015. Heck yes, drones! Heck yes, choice!

Hayley Morgan