Feb 15, 2016 5:09PM

Adam Selman Delivers A Killer FW16 Collection @ NYFW

Inspired by 'Making a Murderer'.

Welcome to episode one of Oyster x MADE's NYFW — we've collaborated with the multi-platform company to take you inside some of the best shows going down this week @ Milk Studios. Here goes…

This season, the normally chipper and ultra-femme Adam Selman girl went really rogue. The designer's partiality for floral, pastel and three-dimensional textiles was thrown to the wayside with a murder-mystery-meets-James-St-James Fall 2016 collection.

The show opened with a dreary voice muttering, "I like to go to parties. I like how people are looking at me. I like the music. I like the lights," as members of the front row sucked on shards of candy glass that were packaged in a box labelled "Evidence". The collection was full of layered tulle, dyed denim, slinky metallic nylon and tons of frills — taking elements from Adam's previous collections, like hanging beads and stiff denim, and adding a killer twist.

The designer admits heavily drawing inspiration from the murder mystery genre, particularly Netflix's Making a Murderer. "I am really obsessed with true crime. I watched Making a Murderer while I was working on the collection, and everyone was talking about it," explains Adam. And this inspiration truly shone through, with a collection that reminded us of Madeline Ashton from Death Becomes Her and partygoers at New York's Pyramid Club. 

We caught up with Adam to ask him a few quick Qs after the show.

Ava Nirui: Why did you decide to start your own label?
Adam Selman: I started my own label to really challenge myself. It seemed like the next evolution in my journey, and the timing just felt right. I loved making custom pieces, and still do, but I needed a new avenue to express myself, challenge myself, and push my creative boundaries.

How do you think your experience designing costumes for Rihanna has tied into creating your own ready-to-wear collections? 
I think the experience, and the pressure, certainly helped me prepare to do my own line. Working with Rihanna — who is so powerful and confident in her own right — really rubbed off on me and was naturally inspiring.

What are the core ideas and values behind your brand?
A sense of ease, sexy playfulness and scrappy tomboy vibes are something I am very into for a modern lady. I love for my clothes to tell a story, not a literal one, but my collections always have a fun inspiration and talking point. Even if the clothes are very wearable, it helps me define and form the collection. I am a dreamer, and I like to dream, so when I am working I want to fully submerse myself in a creative world. And I think having a narrative to each collection helps me achieve that.

What is the inspiration behind the FW16 collection? 
I am really obsessed with true crime. I watched Making a Murderer while I was working on the collection, and everyone was talking about it. I love that. So I went back and watched Thin Blue Line, and I loved the way they captured the colours in the film. All in all it was a "Murder in the Night" theme, but nothing literal. Violence is not something I want to put out into the world.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren't in the fashion world?
You know I ask myself that often, and I don’t have an answer. I'm so hyper-focused on driving my thing at the moment that it's pretty impossible to imagine anything else.

Photography: Rebekah Campbell for MADE 

Ava Nirui