Jun 30, 2014 1:41PM

adidas Originals #SocksnSlides Trend Gets A Lookbook

Contentious but cozy.
adidas Originals have been making those OG/ugly Adilette pool slides since before you were even born. They've seen whole #SocksnSlides trend come and go like much-hyped leaves in the wind, but their latest resurgence has been especially embraced by the brand, who just teamed up with emerging photographer Michael Mayren on a shoot that captures the trend you pretend to hate but actually love. Featuring 21-year-old blogger India Rose and fellow photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce among others, adidas Originals back their classic trefoil white socks and pool slides combo, because they know a throwback slave when they see one. And they're everywhere atm. Guilty as charged
Photos: Michael Mayren