Jan 20, 2012 12:00AM

Alas Pop Up Shop Sydney

The sweetest sleepwear in town.

You know how sometimes you have an awesome dream (for me this mostly involves Seth Cohen and swimming pools filled with glitter) and then you wake up and you're sad because you have to face another day of boring old reality? You'd probably be a little less sad upon the waking realisation that your favourite OC star is, in fact, not whispering sweet nothings into your ear and it's just one of your seven cats licking last night's dinner off your face if you were wearing really pretty pyjamas. Alas is a sleepwear label whose designs are so aesthetically pleasing that you may be tempted to wear them out of the house. Not only are there cute prints and 100% girly touches like a nightie which looks like it's based on the costume of Sailor Moon, everything is also crafted with sustainability in mind. Alas is currently holding a pop up shop in Sydney, so make sure you get down there before it closes on January 28 to increase your potential for blissful naps.

The Alas pop up shop is located at Shop 1 (Gaffa Gallery), 281 Clarence St, Sydney CBD. The opening hours are 11 - 5pm, Monday - Saturday. You can call them to say hi (ask questions) on 02 9283 4273.