Sep 04, 2014 10:33PM

Album That Changed My Life: Highasakite

Norweign indie pop angels with much love for Sigur Rós

Norwegian band Highasakite have taken all the good things about indie pop and made them better. Etheral and beautifully layered tracks make for one stunningly powerful sound. Pardon us while we completely crush on this five piece. Meanwhile, the brilliant guitarist Kristopher has gone ahead and let us in on the album that changed his life. 

My biggest musical influences have always been bands like the Beatles, Radiohead, Sunn O))), Cult of Luna and Motorpsycho
But Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós changed the course of my life.
The first time heard it, I was in a school in the middle of nowhere in Norway studying jazz and my first thoughts were that I had never heard music like this before.
The thing I love about it's sound is the length and the patience. The way they always suspend and extend is amazing.
And listening to it from beginning to end is like an album should be. 
When I think about the record's lyrics the fact that there are no understandable lyrics makes the experience even stronger.
While the cover art gives you a sort of comforting, yet disturbing feeling.
Over multiple listens, this record has formed a lot of the way I perform music today.
I'd sum it up in five words by saying low, slow, big, and beautiful and mastodon.
If I had to pick a track that represented me the most it's 'Ny Batteri' because of the horns, the bass and vocals.
Highasakite's album Silent Treatment is out now via Caroline Australia. make you you catch them on their first ever Australian tour. They'll be at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Thursday 18 September and Howler in Melbourne on Saturday 20 September.