Jun 30, 2016 3:12PM

Amy Schumer Releases Gun Control Sketch That Was Too Dark To Air [Watch]


Amy Schumer has been a vocal advocate for gun control ever since after a gunman opened fire at a movie theatre showing her comedy Trainwreck last year. For example, on her Twitter:

And, in light of the continuing gun violence in the US and lack of government action on this urgent issue, Amy is also using her show Inside Amy Schumer to draw attention to just how ridiculous the current US gun control laws are. 

The clip was originally meant to show in the episode 'Welcome to the Gun Show', but was cut for being too bleak. But after recent events including the Orlando mass shooting and the US Senate's repeated failure to pass any meaningful gun control laws, Amy decided to release it. 

Be warned, there aren't that many laughs to be had:

Photo: Comedy Central

Nadia Bailey