Nov 23, 2016 9:27PM

ANTM Recap Episode 10: "It's Pretty Sick"

And the winner is...
It sure is lonely at the top. Sabine and Aleyna waltz on set to be greeted by Jen and, even though it is very exciting because they are the finale two, it's very quiet and a bit awkward. Jenzo lets them know they have one final photoshoot and the girls are like "Oh… Ooo".
The shoot is an 8 page editorial for Elle Australia. "It's pretty sick," says Cheyenne. The theme is 'modern princess' and winner with be crowned Australia's Next Top Model. Homg. 
Elle's editor-in-chief straight up loves Sabine, saying that the mag would ordinarily pick her look over Aleyna's. She's nailing it on set and Aleyna is pretty rattled. "How on earth am I going to be able to do better than that," she says. True.
Aleyna is criticised on set for being too posey, and everyone is like "You can't spend all day trying to get someone to be in the moment." She's really disappointed in herself, but as she keeps shooting she "lets go" and gets way better. Sabine is like "She seems to have gone from a 16-year-old girl to an international model."
The shoot wraps and we get hella montages of the gals being like "This is my dream job" and "I think I can win this". Jen teases them about winning and they're like "oh my god" and "I can't believe it". 
All of the other girls come back to join them one the runway and give them cool praise about being nice and hot. PLUS 40 other models who've been on the show's past episodes. Hectic. They hit the runway and they are all ah-maze-ing.
Things get pretty emosh when Jenzo let's the girl's family say lovey stuff about them. And then she gets ready to announce the winner! They'll judge a hero shot from the Elle shoot and, as usual, the girl with the highest score will win.
Sabine goes first, her shot is ripping. So good. Such a cute little weirdo. She scores a really high 29/30 and the judges are frothing her. 
Aleyna's shot is also super nice. It's a tough one. But she scores mad 10s and takes the win!
Devvo for Sabine, but she don't need no competition. As for Aleyna, here she is with some As to our Qs:
What was your first audition like?
It was really quick I remember seeing Jen for the first time and thinking how beautiful she was. I had to walk in front of a packed crowd at Blacktown Shopping Centre. That was scary since I'd never done a catwalk before. I wasn't expecting to get in.
When you got into the final group, who did you first think was going to win?
I thought Linnea was going to win because her look was so unique. Her eyes and lips are amazing.
What was the most challenging thing about being on Top Model?
Not being able to see my family and not knowing what I was doing from one moment to the next. We were in a constant state of surprise.
What's your happiest/favourite moment on the show?
Walking around the streets of Milan in designer clothing was pretty was amazing. I've never been there before. It was stunning.
Who was your fav gal in the house?
Jordan, because she is so thoughtful, generous and kind. I've made a best friend for life with her.
Do you have a dream model job?
I'd love to walk or do any campaigns for any high fashion labels. I love Gucci, Prada, any of those amazing brands. I see myself hopefully being based in NY one day.
What song are you going to dance to, to celebrate?
'Come on Eileen' of course! It was my favourite song and I sang it on the show.
What are you going to treat yourself to?
Just some me time until everything starts to kick off.
Do you think success will change you?
No way. My family and friends keep me very level headed.
What words are going to keep you grounded on this journey to becoming a successful model?
Be true to yourself.
Photos: Foxtel

Hayley Morgan