Sep 19, 2012 12:52PM

Are You The Next Fashion Buying Assistant for Robby Ingham Stores?

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Robby Ingham Stores are kind of a big deal when it comes to designer retail in Sydney. The two boutiques — in Paddington and Double Bay — are what fashion dreams are made of, filled with expertly selected product from the world's best designers including 3.1 Phillip Lim, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Givenchy, Margiela, Stella McCartney... and many, many more. Well, what if we told you that you could be the expert selecting the product? Robby Ingham Stores are looking for a new fashion buying assistant, and they've come to us to help spread the word.

So, how do clothes get on the racks at Robby Ingham Stores? It all starts with a budget and a buying appointment.

Using historical analysis, gut instinct, and an awareness of what the marketplace is doing, you place an order for a garment and then and wait for it to arrive. While you are waiting, you print photos, create stockbooks, confirm quantities, convert to a retail price, and work on a merchandising plan. This you do for 2000 — 3000 product lines (!). You need to constantly check that you have the right amount in each category ordered — if you sold 500 dresses last season, you're probably not going to sell 1000 this season (no matter how awesome they are). For a computer nerd who loves fashion and was born with spreadsheets running through their veins, this is the ideal job. 

The person Robby Ingham needs to assist with buying, social media and online presence, must be super-interested in fashion, incredibly passionate about shopping, anal about numbers and budgets, and highly self-motivated. If you think this is a job involving first class travel, runway shows, champagne, parties, and limos, then think again. It is economy class travel, noisy crowded showrooms, still water and the Metro. Is it exciting and fun? Fuck yeah! Will you walk past Anna Wintour or Claudia Schiffer in the streets of Paris? More than likely. Will you start to go loopy after your 20th appointment in five days? Yes, you will. But you'll also be learning daily from one of the most experienced people in multi-brand fashion retail.

The job involves....
• Planning overseas trips
• Booking appointments, both locally and overseas
• Creating budget spreadsheets
• Creating buying spreadsheets
• Entering confirming orders
• Taking photos of ordered stock and creating captioned stockbooks
• Organising photos onto an iPad for use in store
• Creating a monthly delivery schedule for the store
• Making sure all ordered lines are delivered
• Preparing schedules for product to go online
• Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and whatever the next big thing is
• Regular product meetings to train and educate staff regarding what labels and product the stores have coming
• Researching new brands — this means knowing the client, what we have in-store, and what we could improve on

From Robby Ingham himself: 
I am looking for a smart, motivated, hard-working and fashion-loving person who thinks shopping is one of the most fun things you can do. I have been doing this for 30 years and know everything there is to know about the business. I now want to have someone learn this from me and help improve what we are doing by bringing a young eye to the buying. I don't want to change anything we do; I just want to fine-tune it. Our clients range in age from 25–70 years, and we need to be aware of this when we are in the showrooms. I would say that having previous buying experience is essential, or at least a good solid background in retail, but if you don't have this and feel you are the right person for this role it is up to you to convince me that you can learn quickly and are willing to understand what is required. However, excellent Excel skills are crucial, as your buying spreadsheet will be your Bible and you must know how to use and manipulate it at an expert level.

I think this is a fantastic job opportunity. You will be doing something that is unique — I love the buying role. What other job allows you to travel to the world's most exciting cities, work first-hand with the some of the world's best brands, and, finally, go shopping for research? It is not an easy job; it is challenging and at times very intense. The travel is exhausting but very fulfilling. But remember that numbers, spreadsheets and logistics are a large part of this role.

How to apply:
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