Jun 03, 2011 12:00AM

Arielle de Pinto: THVM Rag

Arielle de Pinto's crocheted masks make a film debut.

We're completely caught in Arielle de Pinto's crocheted web. There's something about her work that exudes an organic elegance, whether it's cascading vermeil necklaces, dangly knotted earrings or fingerless gloves. With a background in printmaking, de Pinto had no formal training in jewellery design. She learned to crochet by following the instructions on a Susan Bates crochet hook package. Luckily for us, she chose to put her self-taught skills towards making chainmail accessories - not frumpy cardigans and doilies.

Alongside de Pinto's accessories stands her art pieces: expressionistic metal masks rendered fluidly mutable and metal tank tops that are equal part King Arthur and Studio 54. For the Vicenza Ora - an exhibition of fine gold and silver jewelry, which was held in Italy last week - de Pinto produced a film in collaboration with the LA-based boutique THVM Atelier. Thvm Rag was directed by Nicholas Triknois and 8 a group of Puritanically clad children playing in the woods, their faces obscured by de Pinto's woven creations. "I feel as though the masks transform the children into creatures," said de Pinto of the film. "THVM did a beautiful job. They really put in their all." Watch the short below.

Arielle de Pinto x THVM Atelier.