Aug 03, 2016 1:23PM

A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown & Hannibal Buress Do Blindfolded Rap Obstacle Course For Adult Swim

It's a trap!

Overgrown kids A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown jumped on the fourth-season premiere of Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show to play a game of 'Rapper Warrior Ninja'. Hannibal Buress, aka the bona fide dude of our dreams, co-hosts the absurd episode alongside absurd man Eric André, so you know it's gonna be a factory of LOLs. 

For those unfamiliar, the rules of 'Rapper Warrior Ninja' go a little something like this: participants are blindfolded, and then must freestyle rap their way through a series of increasingly ~danger~ obstacles — there are soiled grundies, a mouse trap plank, wrecking balls and, finally, an inflatable pool full of snakes. It's your favourite afternoon game-show Total Wipeout on steroids/every Japanese game show ever. 

Danny drops the line, "This beat is trash", before meeting his untimely end in the snake pool, Rocky barely steps foot on the mouse-trap before getting knocked out of the comp, Open Mike Eagle and Nocando are a bit more successful, and Go Dreamer makes a damn fool of himself by rapping, "I'm balling on yo' bitch ass", before eating shit at the hands of a ball. Hannibal and Eric spend most of the sketch heckling them from the sidelines, prodding each other with a cattle prod and legitimately ROFL'ing. We wish we could bottle Hannibal's laugh. 

Get into the cray-zay vibes below:

The new season is scheduled to premiere on Adult Swim on August 5 at midnight. 

Photo: YouTube

Madeleine Woon