Nov 14, 2014 11:31AM

Attention Wine Lovers: Stoneleigh's Pop-Up Bar In Hyde Park


Consider yourself a wine drinker/lover? There's going on at Stoneleigh Metro pop-up bar right now. Stoneleigh have brought their own 'Wonder of Nature' to Hyde Park, Sydney (and St Kilda, Melbourne) creating a chill spot middle of the city. If you're nervous about deviating from your regular, don't fear. This one is worth it. The atmosphere is buzzy, there's suspended gardens and every Thursday and Friday there's DJs and live bands. Every Tuesday – Friday (from 4–7pm) there'll also be guided 'Cellar Door' wine tastings. Where does one sign?

If you're a bit pressed for time and/or cash, you can do the Stoneleigh Marlborough or the Rapuara Series Tasting, which gives you a solid overview of the different Stoneleigh varietals. Or if you're feeling a bit ~fancy~ they're putting on a Deluxe Tasting for only $20. Bargain. Wine. 

Maddy Woon