Oct 08, 2014 5:04PM

Aziz Ansari For President

Here's why we love him.
Comedian and Park & Recreation bro, Aziz Ansari is all over the internet today, after he went on the Late Show and told David Letterman all about how he was a feminist — and believed almost everyone was, without knowing it. 
If you believe in equality between theses, congrats — you're a feminist in Aziz’s eyes. And just as he was speaking, an angel got its wings.
Like a concise and funny Emma Watson, Aziz broke it all the way down and he did so in front of a mostly quiet audience. Breathtaking. Know what else is great about Aziz? Everything! 
Like his quotes on Parks & Rec (especially his business ideas e.g. "Disco Dairy: Spread the Party — butter with glitter in it" and "Tommy and the Foxx — a raunchy animated series based on the imaginary friendship between himself and Jamie Foxx).
The fact that he hangs out with Kanye West.
His stand up in general, is on point.
Also, he's really good at roasting.
And his parents hang out with Beyonce and Jay Z.