Jun 28, 2012 6:07PM

Backstage at Milan SS13 With Emporio Armani, Prada & Jil Sander

Our highlights of Milan's menswear presentations.

We went backstage at Burberry's shiny happy SS13 Milan menswear show earlier this week, and here are some more highlights from the season.

At Emporio Armani, suitably tanned models wore tailored shorts in contrasting beiges and greys. Blazers came both single and double-breasted with lightweight raincoats thrown over the top of t-shirts and some hectically amazing raglan knits with sheer horizontal panelling. Accessories were a highlight; the self-dot lace-up shoes with suede heel patches and the range of bags — leather, woven, structured and unstructured — were awesome.

The colours at Prada melted into the fabric like a rich oil paint on canvas. Burgundy blazers and bib-front short-sleeved shirts were worn with dark fluorescent green and flamingo orange, all balanced with cool wheat-coloured trousers. Socks and sandals got some airtime as did some neat leather bags that would be ideal for carrying your DLSR around Greece this summer. 

At Jil Sander, the shorts were longer and the prints were the highlight. The uneven dots on that one t-shirt and that painterly Modernist print on that other t-shirt? Get them on me, now (I know they're not meant for girls, but whatever). 

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde

Emily Royal