Apr 28, 2014 3:33PM

Baddie Winkle: Badass Grandma FTW

Whether you idolised your own Grandma for her skills around the domicile, or always looked forward to retiring/being old so you could not work/be a legend who gets away with anything (like Maude in Harold & Maude) — let this honky grandma serve as your IRL inspiration. Her name's Baddie Winkle aka Granna and her Instagram tagline reads, "Stealing your man since 1928.”
She has 21,377 loyal followers and can even use emojis — all things which are basically unheard of in the Grandma community, but which this bad bitch/dear old lady has mastered with ease. Look at her, modelling a tie dye shirt that says "acid; drop it."
She takes her own selfies, hashtags #iwokeuplikethis, says stuff like "Do you really think I care?", has an Etsy store called Psychic Babe and does little dances on Instagram video. Could she be more perfect? Not possible. Get a dose of excellent Grandma wisdom below.