Oct 01, 2012 10:19PM

DIY Hair: Fluffy Ponytail

Slick at the front, party at the top.

Hair whiz Shane Henning, of Noddy's On King in Sydney, styled the hair for this month's Beauty Daily shot by Ryan Kenny. Here he shows us how to achieve the best-ever perfectly lop-sided, fully slicked-back, super-high fluffy ponytail. The most important step in recreating this look is prepping the hair, Shane says. Here is his step-by-step how-to:

Step 1: Shampoo with KMS California Hair Play Texture Shampoo and condition with KMS California Hair Play Dry Touch-Up. This will bring out volume and texture in the hair.

Step 2: Towel dry and spray with KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray. Work this into the hair to encourage texture and curl.

Step 3: Flip hair upside-down and blow-dry using a diffuser. With your hands, scrunch-dry the hair to encourage as much volume and curl as possible. 

Step 4: When almost dry, flip hair back up and apply a light spray of KMS California Curl Up Bounce Back Spray onto the top layers of hair and then push into place. Let the hair dry completely naturally — this helps set the texture.

Step 5: Brush hair with a Mason Pearson or Denman hairbrush. This will cause it to expand and volumise, creating a light fluffy effect.

Step 6: Flip the hair over and brush into a tight ponytail slightly off centre to the crown area. Fasten with a hairtie.

Step 7: To add more volume to the ponytail, tease the ends slightly and spray with KMS California Hair Stay Medium Hold Spray.

Step 8: To support the base of the pony there are two options, either take a section of hair from underneath the pony and wrap around the base, securing with a bobby pin, or do the same with a hair weft or hairpiece that has been incorporated into the pony.

Step 9: To create contrast between the slick base and the fluffy part of the ponytail, spray KMS California Add Volume Volumizing Spray to the slick part of the ponytail and allow it to set.

Watch our behind-the-scenes video featuring Shane styling Amelia's hair at the shoot: