May 18, 2016 12:45PM

Beauty How To: MAC Cosmetics x Di$count Universe Go Full Vamp [Watch]

Tru blood.

Our pals at Di$count Universe and MAC Cosmetics took things to a very vampire place for their twilight presentation at MBFWA this year. Using the magic of MAC products, they sent their gals down the runway with much more believable blood make-up than any of our previous Halloween endeavours. 

We had a chat to make-up wizard Nicole Thompson on how to get the beauty ~lewk~ at home (if you dare), being inspired by the chaos of fash week and the importance of always giving your skin some good ol' TLC. 

Describe the 'girl' that you have created with this beauty look.
Di$count Universe have a very specific girl, [and] one that I have gotten to know after working with the girls for a while. The girl is a no phucks given kind of gal — she is powerful and she has heaps of attitude.

Was it a discussion between yourself and the designer? Was there a 'muse'?
There was a discussion between the girls and also stylist/legend Mark Vassallo, who pulled together the entire creative direction for the show. We sent references back and forward —pictures and words — and then on trial day, it was up to us (myself and Renya Xydis, the hair director) to bounce off each other and whip up some looks! It was surprisingly fast, and so amazing how inspired you become as the looks are coming together. The looks are tweaked and built upon, until that magic moment when the girls try the looks on with the outfits and you just know.

How did you go about translating this inspiration into a beauty look?
The colours and shiny textures in Di$count's collection is an explosion for the senses — it really lends itself to inspire make-up, [and there's] so many colours, [it's] a make-up artist's dream. I loved the idea of powerful shapes and bold colour amplified with gloss this season for the girls. We wanted to create a different statement with make-up at this show. Even though we are doing these great shapes and moments, there is a strong element of polish to the looks.

Can you talk us through the MAC products you used to achieve this look?
Apply Cherry Lip Pencil all over, before pressing Magenta Madness Pigment on top for bold lip colour. Use a small brush to then apply Basic Red Chromacke over the mouth and down the neck for a blood effect. After, use Clear Lipglass all over the lips to give a glass-like shine, and finish by pressing on eyelids and cheekbones.

Were there any products that you used in an unexpected way or with a unique technique?
Yes, glitter on the lips before lip gloss to create the most full lips and reflective shown ever. And, lip pencils to create the shapes around eyes, which I actually do a lot. I look at my make-up kit for the perfect colour, not what it "should" do.

How do you see this look working in an IRL situation? What can we take from it to use in our day-to-day lives?
Ha ha! This show is about an injection of inspiration — you can't take things too seriously! Use this show and the beauty looks to encourage you to be bolder with that make-up. Wear gloss on your eyelids; think outside the square and play with your looks. Why be boring?

Skincare is such a big part of beauty these days, what products or habits to you suggest to get our skin looking good even before make-up? 
Skincare is so important! The more time you spend here, the less make-up you need to wear. People are always surprised by how little foundation we actually use backstage and think they can't do the same at home, which is so not true. We spend a great amount of time conditioning the skin, massaging and giving it love and moisture, so we don't we don't need to rely on covering everything up. Heavy foundation has an amazing way of taking away any cool factor the make-up look may have had.

Also, condition and massage! I use a combination of oils, softening lotions and hydrating spritzes to really drown the skin in moisture. And massage the combo in to get the blood circulating, and work into any dry areas. I layer and layer these products until the skin feels plumped and hydrated. Small amounts of moisturiser are then used, if needed, to take away any extra dryness. I then use a small fluffy eye shadow brush to buff and add colour to even out skin, and lightly perfect!

What is your favourite thing about working on the shows?
The chaos and craziness — I love it. Also, the fascinating people that you get to see in action creating this magic and telling a story for the designers is incredible. Often for shoots and jobs you are working on your own, and the feeling of having a team beside you to help, create and work with is immeasurable. Some of my greatest career highlights have been from the adrenaline rush of working on a giant show with my friends.

What's your motto when it comes to make-up?
Life is too short to look like everyone else.

Videographer: Sarah Adamson
Beauty Editor: Samantha Patrikopoulos
Make-up: Nicole Thompson using MAC Cosmetics 
Model: Emma MacGowan @ IMG
Music: 'Mutombo Finger' by Man Made Mountain