Feb 04, 2014 11:10AM

Behind The Scenes: Beyonce @ The Grammys

Flashing lights, uggs and tights.

Subject of university scholars and owner of the world's most perfect vocal chords (and also butt,) Ms. Beyonce, has given people a glimpse behind the magic curtain and into her Grammy rehearsals. Uploading about a million photos on Tumblr (you know how she do) the singer is helping to fill the gaping Beyonce-shaped hole in our hearts that was created the second her and Jay Z's live rendition of 'Drunk In Love' ended.

There's no images of Jay rehearsing with a tights and tights-wearing Bey, so there's a good chance they didn't even practice together before performing their now-famous routine. They are just that skilled. To jog your memory, watch Beyonce werk it out below.
Photos: Robin Harper