May 11, 2011 12:00AM

Ben Bronfman and Teachers

Saving the world AND releasing an album.

I recently went to Coachella (here is the proof). On Day Two of the festival, I met a young man by the name of Sam in a car park, while en route to Sean Parker's villa (no less). Sam got in our car and proceeded to fight with the driver for the entire trip, which took approximately 40 minutes. After this less than illustrious introduction, I later discovered that the young man, who I had erroneously been calling Sam, actually goes by the name of Ben and, contrary to initial impressions, he was (is!) actually a lovely person. In fact, he is trying to save the world.

In 2007 (shortly after the demise of his band The Exit) Ben Bronfman founded Green Owl, the world's first environmentally sustainable record label (they now make clothes, too). When he's not doing that, he is busy working with a company called Global Thermostat, who have just completed building the pilot version of a fancy machine that captures carbon dioxide directly from the air, allowing it to be put to good use. Somehow, in his spare time, Bronfman has managed to start a new band, Teachers. They've just released a new mix called IPO (which I would highly recommend downloading). Here is the opening track, Ocean, featuring Sam/Ben on vocals:

Ocean by Teachers

Ben also produces music for other people, most notably receiving high praise from none other than Kanye West for his co-production on 'Monster'.

As an extra-special treat, here is a free download of the Teachers remix of 'Monster' (just click on the arrow to the right of the player).

Monster (Teachers remix) by Teachers