Jul 23, 2014 10:12AM

Beyonce Is Rosie The Riveter

A feminist is a female version of a hustler.

Beyonce has just Instagrammed a summary of her latest album, her feminist stance and her entire being — in one photo. She's the self-proclaimed Rosie the Riveter for the 21st century and nobody's going to argue with that. Posing as the World War II icon for women's labour and economic contribution to society, Bey has cemented herself as the best feminist icon the pop masses could ask for. Though it physically hurts to say that Beyonce isn't the first woman to do this, precursor 'Rosies' abound in pop culture. Alexis Bledel smashed it in 2009 for Glamour magazine.

B's fellow Destiny's Child sister Kelly Rowland also posed as Rosie in 2010, presumably to much less fanfare.

And Kris Jenner had a nightmarish take on being Rosie in 2011 in a campaign for Poise — shining a light on the silent problem of bladder leakage.

We can do it! If we can fight bladder problems, we can fight anything. And also, if you happen to find yourself in Cleveland, Ohio anytime soon, you might be able to get up close and personal with Mrs. Carter's fashuns as part of a special Bey-xhibition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. Classic outfits on display will include the 'Single Ladies' leotard, her 2012 Met Gala Givenchy gown and the sparkling top she wore on the cover of Dangerously In Love. Get there!