Jun 09, 2015 10:54AM

Björk's New Video Is A 360-Degree Virtual Reality Trip To Iceland [Watch]

Feat. multiple Björks.

Impish ruler of the pop universe Björk has dropped a stunning, 360-degree interactive video for Vulnicura track 'Stonemilker' — and it's peak Björk. 

The magical video experience was originally debuted at her 2015 retrospective at MoMA, but now it's been uploaded to YouTube so we can all experience the awesomeness. While the museum's video installation was much more immersive (users had to strap on a Virtual Reality headset), the online version is pretty mesmerising.

The haunting, spine-tingler of a track features the artist floating around in a lime-green dress, as if she just emerged from the Icelandic ocean to work her magics. In it, you can direct the camera angle to either follow the singer, or just chill to enjoy the sunrise over the rugged oceanscape (it's basically like the coolest Google street-view ever). Even better: it rightfully understands that the only way to outdo Björk is to have multiple Björks. Either way, your day just got 100% Björkier.

Get lost in the video below (best in HD/on Chrome for maximum definition Björks).

Lana Guineay