Oct 21, 2011 12:00AM

Bleeding Knees Club Photo Tour Diary Pt. 1

Bleeding Knees Club are really fun and they're documenting their overseas tour for us.

Bleedind Knees Club are some of the funnest guys around right now. Hailing from the Gold Coast, if Tumblr was a genre of music they would probably be it (this is a good thing. We love the internet). Until that exists, we'll just describe them as bratty garage surf pop, which sounds equivalent to endless summers and bare feet and cold cans of Coke and windows down on the freeway and bad-but-good kisses and all that teenage nostalgia stuff.

With influences including death, bike crashes and public bathrooms, their EP, released last year and so perfectly titled Virginity, got them a lot of attention for something which is probably not even 10 minutes long. At the start of the week they headed back to the US (where they were earlier this year) to play a whole heap of gigs and promote the first track, 'Teenage Girls', to be released from their upcoming album Nothing To Do, which will be out early next year.

We got the Bleeding Knees Cub boys - Alex, Jordan and Matt - to keep a photo tour diary of their month-long overseas trip exclusively for Oyster. If this first Week One installment is anything to go by, they've spent the majority of their time eating pizza and hanging out in Brooklyn's bong shops. We'll allow them to take over:

And if you haven't checked out the film clip for their latest song 'Teenage Girls' yet, it's lucky that thanks to The Internet you can watch it now. Warning: it is totally infectious. Oh, to be sixteen again.

Come back next week for more!

Photographs and captions: Bleeding Knees Club