Apr 26, 2016 10:36AM

Bret Easton Ellis Is Making A TV Show About LA Cults

American psychos.

The guy who wrote such memorable and ~edgy~ works as American Psycho and Less Than Zero will be making his directorial debut in a new TV series about cults. This is great news for everyone who has managed to look beyond Bret Easton Ellis' irritating social media presence and is willing to forgive the hot mess that was The Canyons

The TV show is called The Deleted, and will be shown on Fullscreen's soon-to-be-launched streaming service. Set in Los Angeles (just to switch it up from the upstate New York location of Hugh Dancy's cult in The Path), the story starts with the disappearance of three seemingly unconnected people, whose deaths spark a collective paranoia in a group of young, probably very attractive people who have recently escaped a cult. We're guessing there's going to be a whole lotta post-cult feelings to work through.

While Bret wrote and produced The Canyons, and has previously directed two short films and a bunch of music videos, The Deleted will be his first time directing a serialised project. It's too early for any casting details yet, but we do know that the studio is aiming for an early 2017 release. 

Via The Hollywood Reporter.

Photo: YouTube

Nadia Bailey