Dec 08, 2016 8:54AM

'Broad City' Babes Share Dope Video Message Announcing Return For Season 4

Yas yas yas yas.
Your favourite bong sisters are back for season 4, which you've known for ages, but there's nothing like a high-larious video message to make things official. Abbi and Ilana seem to know this fact, so here they are on your screens.
"Wow. Wow, wow. Ohhhhh my," they say, followed by some other stuff. "We just wanted to give you an update because we are still making the show." Yeah they are.
They also promise that they are coming in "hard and raw" while fumbling weirdly with their hands. Abby has a sore neck, and it continues as the kind of thing that's only funny between you and your best friend—which makes it really funny because these gals are your best friends. Right?!
The new season is back summer (Aus winter) 2017. YAS. Watch the announcement below, and then slowly start working through past episodes until dat next hit.
Photo: @broadcity

Hayley Morgan