Apr 13, 2011 12:00AM

Burberry's Beijing Live Stream

Just like being there, only warmer.

Burberry's event in Beijing tonight will be a celebration of the intersection between groundbreaking technology and modern Brit glamour as much as it will be about China. The spectacle will be streaming live to 50 retail theatres worldwide, but if you'd rather watch it with a mug of Earl Grey than a flute of champagne, you can do so right here on Oyster.

The event will kick off in high definition at 19.30 AEST, with arrivals and red carpet interviews starting at 19.45 before the actual event begins at 20.15. After 45 minutes of audio, visual and sensory inundation, the livestream will conclude with the first performance in China by (very) British band Keane.

The iconic British luxury brand is no stranger to hi-tech endeavours, one of the most recent being the opening of the extravagant new Sydney flagship, complete with giant, flat-screen LED video walls. Add to that the 12,500 square foot Beijing megastore, which is being celebrated tonight, and the fact that they made it snow (inside!) on the catwalk at their Fall 2011 show in London. All things considered, it should take a lot to get fans of the brand in raptures - but holographic models will probably do the trick, don't you think?

Tune in at 19.30 EST to catch all the action!

Words: Hannah Ongley