May 12, 2017 5:46PM

By Nye x Freya Esders Bring Pure Mum Love In 'My Mother's Jewels'

Sweetest thing.
Mums are pretty mad, and our love for them runs heaps deep. The same feels go for cool jewellery label By Nye and one of our fave film makers Freya Esders. The two have collaborated on a nostalgia-heavy clip ahead of Mother's Day, and it's truly the sweetest thing.
Showing off the labels newest pieces, the film is made up of home movie style footage of a cute mum and her babe lounging around in fresh cotton sheets, hanging out in the yard, just loving each other's faces. One of the nicest moments is when we see a shot of the child fiddling with mum's jewels. Tiny memories!
"From our mothers we absorb so much of who we are," jewellery designer Nye De Marchi says. "They are the role models we carry with us; our first taste of what it means to be women. Before I was old enough to be conscious of my own individual sensibilities my mother was there." 
"The smell of her perfume, her silhouette, the colours she often wore and the sound she made when she walked into a room. These parts of her, along with her hatred of red roses, deeply imbedded themselves in me. When I'm creating something and I've hit a wall, she's the person I'll ask to throw in a perspective. It's not to say we're always on the same page or that she even agrees with all of my aesthetic choices (there have been several phases in my wardrobe that she couldn't understand and in retrospect, I'm now on her page). My mother gave me my creativity, my drive and everything in between."
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Hayley Morgan