Feb 21, 2014 11:18AM

Cat Selfies Are A Thing Now

The Cat Snaps app is changing lives.
Cats, cats, cats! Who doesn't love cats? Some people don't, but that's only because they're aware of how evil they actually are, and/or they haven't been around one of them for long enough to catch toxoplasmosis. 
Sure, they always turn their face away when you're trying to pat them, they never come when called upon, they poo right next to the litter box instead of in  it and they're arseholes to your friends — but damn they're cute! So cute that the internet is full of them
There's only one thing missing from the cat portfolio of awesome — the ability for them to take pictures of themselves.
But wait, what's this? An app called Cat Snap that allows your fluffy m8 to take selfies? That's amazing. The app, which is available for iPhone and Android phones works like this; a red dot shoots around the screen. That's it. 
The cat inevitably wants to catch the red dot, and when their tiny paw hits the screen, a selfie is born. There's no filters, like on Instagram, when cats are colourblind so who cares?