Feb 03, 2011 12:00AM

Cat's Eyes

A band of truly celestial proportions.

Picture this: a Canadian soprano, a psych rock band front man, some voluminous brunette mop do's, and seven high ranking cardinals. If these images aren't sitting well in your mind, you're excused. Its not everyday you hear about a band shooting a video in the Vatican. The cardinals were totally into it, apparently.

Enter Cat's Eyes, the newly formed collaborative duo consisting of Rachel Zeffira (the soprano) and Faris Badwan (the front man). Badwan has insisted that Cat's Eyes exists parallel in significance to his more established band, The Horrors, and is resisting applying the term 'side project'. It seems that Cat's Eyes is serving as an avenue for an exploration into different genres, sounds and means of production - you'll be hard pressed to find similarities between the two bands.

Both Rachel and Faris stress that they aren't about doing things by the book. I suppose that's fairly evident, considering the secret gig held at the Vatican. On that note, when making a music video in Saint Peter's Basilica, there's probably a few things to keep in mind - especially when said video is shrouded in secrecy, occurring without the knowledge of the Pope:

1. Ask the Pope for permission. Imagine your dad's reaction to a band showing up unannounced to your home and shooting a video, and multiply that by four billion.

2. Keep the organ pounding to a minimum so as to avoid attracting unnecessary attention.

3. Don't high-five a high ranking cardinal.

Needless to say, Cat's Eyes blatantly disregarded these sensible suggestions and went all out (except for high-fiving a cardinal). The result? Badwan is quoted as saying it was terrifying. Some might call it heavenly. Either way, its definitely something this band can tick off their bucket list. And the acoustics are incredible. If you were unable to be at the Vatican while this was unfolding, here it is. God bless YouTube.

If you like what you hear, take a trawl through the World Wide Web to the band's website, leave your email and you'll receive a link for the song 'Not a Friend'. The duo will release their symphonic EP through Polydor on 28 February, just after they commence their first UK tour.