Apr 20, 2017 7:06PM

Cazzie David Made A Web Series And You Can Watch Four Eps Right Now

Cazzie David, who we admire for her commitment to pyjamas more than for who her parents are, is a genius. She has made a really funny web series called Eighty-Sixed and we have never been more inclined to type #same.
Cazzie plays Remi, who is very relatable: eye-rolls, self-deprecation, googling "How is Demi Moore doing post Ashton Kutcher?" in order to get over her own breakup. She's inherited Larry's approach, or lack of, to embracing expected social behaviour, but the awkward humour has an updated feel since she can probably use the internet way better than her dad can.
The first four episodes of Eighty-Sixed are up on YouTube rn, and you can watch them here while you wait for HBO to approach her for a full-length series:

Hayley Morgan