Nov 03, 2011 12:00AM

Chloe Sevigny's Transgender Transformation

From blazers to boiler suits, Chloe looks Terryific as a dude.

Candy magazine is responsible for those amazing photos of James Franco in slicked back hair, blue eyeshadow and red lipstick, and for the cover of their latest issue the "world's first transversal style magazine" has transformed Chloe Sevigny into controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson. Granted, neither star seems like the type to need much convincing, but the results are nonetheless intriguing.

Richardson has had countless models and actresses put his glasses on for the "As Me" photos he posts on Twitter and Tumblr, but Sevigny is probably the first to pair them with a mousy-brown moustache and heavy sideburns. She's even wearing one of those skater belts with a keychain hanging from her back pocket, 'cause if there's anyone who knows that it's all in the details it's the girl who performed unsimulated oral sex on Vincent Gallo for a film role.

Sevigny sure has a strong interest in transsexuality. She played the girlfriend of a murdered transgender man in Boys Don't Cry, was the voice of Andy Warhol's transgender superstar Candy Darling in James Raisin's documentary Beautiful Darling, and now she's filming scenes for a new British television series called Hit & Miss, in which plays an Irish transgender assassin.

Anyway, for someone with such a good grasp on how to dress like a girl, she sure knows her way around the menswear trend:

Words: Hannah Ongley