Dec 22, 2011 12:00AM

Christmas Memories with the Stenmark Twins

We all love the smell of the fresh Christmas tree; it always brings great memories.

Jordan and Zac Stenmark may have only started modeling earlier this year but they've already met Tom Ford after he personally flew them to London and appeared in a L'Officiel Homme spread. The genetically-blessed twin brothers from Sydney signed to Vivien's when friends suggested they should get into the industry and it appears that everything's coming up Milhouse for the nineteen-year-olds. As Christmas is quickly approaching, we sat down with the boys and asked them to take a trip down memory lane to tell Oyster about their childhood memories of the festive season.

What was the best Christmas present you ever got as a kid?
Laser tag guns and walkie-talkies. We would run around the house with our mates and play war games.

What kind of food did you eat on Christmas day?
We have a seafood entree followed by roast pork and roast vegetables. Mum's family recipe Christmas cake is always a big hit. We always have a huge bowl of lollies every year too.

Did your parents go nuts on Christmas decorations?
Yeah, we always have a real Christmas tree with decorations that we have collected over the years. We all love the smell of the fresh Christmas tree; it always brings great memories. It's a special tradition. In recent years we have added a few lights outside and a fat Santa that a hangs from the roof.

What was the best Christmas ever and why?
Last year we had a huge family Christmas at our place with about forty of our family and friends. Everyone brought different types of food and complimentary wine and drinks. It was absolutely delicious and the feast lasted for hours into the night.

What did you do on Christmas day?
We'd sleep in a bit and then went straight into the presents. Our younger brother could never just wait so we always gave him a few presents before lunch. Guests would start to arrive around 12 and we'd all pitch in to prepare for the 'feast'. Then everyone would open presents and it wouldn't be Christmas without the Stenmark Christmas pudding. Then we'd chill out.

Did you have any specific celebrations?
Christmas eve drinks with our family friends with Christmas carols in the background. Dad always has them playing over the Christmas break.

How are you going to be celebrating this year?
We'll have a special time with the family and close friends. It will be especially good this year as we have been overseas for a large part of the year and it's so good to be back home.

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