Apr 15, 2013 10:03AM

Coachella Collaborations — Solange x The xx & R. Kelly x Phoenix

From where you'd rather be.
Photo via the_xx_'s Instagram

Not one but two freaking amazing collaborations happened on the weekend at Coachella. First there was The xx surprising everyone by bringing Solange Knowles out for a quick duet. They covered Aaliyah's 'Hot Like Fire' together, with Solange screaming, "Let's dance!" before breaking it down (this all happens at the 20 minute mark in the video below).

Immediately after that (and on the same stage) Phoenix were joined by R. Kelly for a mash-up of '1901' and 'Ignition', and then one of their new tracks 'Chloroform' mixed with 'I'm A Flirt'. I guess when you put that many great performers together something is bound to happen, but this is like combining your two favourite desserts and having a double helping.