Mar 11, 2016 5:18PM

Collection Survey: BY NYE

Prancercise, Peking duck and Patti Smith.

Melbourne-based label BY NYE specialises in luxe/organic jewels that we really want in our lives. The latest campaign is full of wavy shapes, semi-precious stones and some velvet chokers that are taking us back to our teenage goth days. 

The lush photos feature styles from both the 'Modern Relic' and 'Encased' ranges, captured by talented gal Freya Esders. We hit up designer Nye De Marchi to get specific on the collection/s. 

If it was a colour: green
If it was a mood: hangry (hungry/angry)
If it was an emoji: wink face
If it was an animal: monkey
If it was a language: Italian
If it was a place: the kitchen
If it was a YouTube video: Prancercise

If it was a season: Summer
If it was a food: Peking duck
If it was a famous person: Patti Smith
If it was a piece of art: Richard Wilson 20:50 installation in The Saatchi Gallery.

If it was a song: 'Baby', the Ariel Pink cover or anything by Billie Holiday. 

If it was a smell: freshly washed sheets
If it was a texture: whipped cream
If it was a quote: "Under all this dirt the floor is really very clean" — Lydia Davies
If it was a model: Jane Birkin
If it was a single word: waffling 

Photography: Freya Esders

Nadia Bailey