Sep 02, 2015 3:50PM

Collection Survey: Cocurata 'Abstraction' FW15


The street art/streetwear enthusiasts at Cocurata have just dropped a phresh new range emblazoned with the work of artists like Trudy Benson, Matt Jones and Steve More. The 'Abstraction' collection hits the sweet spot between casual shapes that we can imagine wearing on our days off and jazzy prints straight from a gallery wall. 

We caught up with creators George Gorrow and George Benias for more info on the collection and they took us to an appropriately ~conceptual~ place. 

If it was a colour: Not "LA Bridge Brown," "Lamp Post Grey," or "Hydrant Yellow". 
If it was a mood: Feeling good
If it was an emoji: 
If it was a song: The Modern Lovers — 'Pablo Picasso'

If it was a season: Next season
If it was a food: Still Life
If it was a language: Spelled incorrectly
If it was a place: A white cube
If it was a time: Opening hours
If it was a famous person: It would be dragged out the back and punched.
If it was a piece of art: '4RL' by Trudy Benson

If it was a smell: A cross between Chanel No.5 and burnt rubber.
If it was a quote: "Art is a problem that cannot be fixed." — Anonymous 
If it was a film: Wild Zero by Japanese director Tetsuro Takeuchi, starring Japanese rock group Guitar Wolf.
If it was a model: A dead cool one with a cigarette in her mouth. 
If it was a single word: Thanks
If it was a texture: 


If it was a YouTube video:

Photos: Courtesy

Chloe Hill