Jul 11, 2017 7:04AM

Collection Survey: Mathys Sinclair Resort 18

Getiing ritzy!
Oh man, how can you not love Mathys Sinclair when their ethos is all about "looking cool and being nice"? This is the kind of attitude that could change the world. To top it off, their new collection is about "getting ritzy". How fab. It's a mix of sparkling, textural fabrics and traditional workwear aesthetics, and it totally works.
In the gallery above, you can see their mates wearing the hell out of the collection on New York's Rockaway Beach. Below, we got co-founders Rachelle Sinclair and Thembi Hanify to school us in with a collection survey:
If it was a colour: Pink Sparkly 
If it was a mood: Ritzy
If it was an animal: Flamingo
If it was a language: Japanese
If it was a place: The D Floor
If it was a time: 3am
If it was a season: Resort
If it was a food: A jam donut
If it was a famous person: Cher in the 70s
If it was a YouTube video: 
If it was a smell: Impulse ID
If it was a texture: Metallic velvet
If it was a quote: Look Cool, Be Nice
If it was a film: Boogie Nights
Photography: Kate Stein
Fashion: Thembi Hanify & Rachelle Sinclair
Models: Joi Broughton, Pam Soontornpadungsin, Sandra Winther, Talia Arochas
Makeup: Justine Sweetman

Hayley Morgan