Aug 03, 2017 7:16PM

Collection Survey: Pet Shop Girls' Pretty New Label Diana

Chiara and Sheena of Pet Shop Girls #WWBW fame have just done the good thing and launched their very own label, Diana. After so many collabs and launches with some of the best Australian and International labels, it seems so right that they're now personally adding to your wardrobe with printed tees, sheer gowns, off-the-shoulder numbers and dreamy lace work. 
Compared to the PSG aesthetic, Diana is a whole new woman. Intrigued by her casual beauty, we asked the girls to introduce us to her. 
Who is Diana:
Diana is us, Chiara and Sheena. We are best friends and previously ran and bought for Pet Shop Girls together.  DIANA feels much different to the PSG aesthetic we got used to on insta. 
What made you move from cute girl goes to Japan vibe to European summer woman (if that's who she is)? 
We guess it's quite different to the original incarnation of the 'Pet Shop Girl' look, that kind of bright Japan-centric vibe that we we first started with, but that evolved a lot through the course of the store being open and that was a very organic thing. We had launched Pageant and Verner, we were approached by both labels and it just evolved that way… we also worked really well with Dress Up, creating pretty great collaborative pieces, as well as stocking Marques' Almeida from its earliest seasons and launching Georgia Alice in Australia too. 
The look and fabrications of our product are probably more consistent to those fabrications and everyday wear vibes. But essentially the collection is designed to be a series of really useful, classic items that you don't want to sell on Penny Lane lol, so it is what you make of it really. 
Are there any film references / cultural references that played into the collection?
Lots. The collection was created the way we do most things. Pretty fully formed ideas are shared between us, with very little agenda and a lot of genuine enthusiasm. The other person kind of edits the idea, and then we end up with something. We aren't very calculated, we like hanging out, we have other jobs, we like movies and music, we spend a lot of time doing other things. Ideas form and we just spit them out and make them happen. If we like it we put it to customers, if we aren't proud of it it gets scrapped. 
At the same time though we are practical and we don't want to make junk, waste money or resources. We know what sold and what didn't and why when the shop was open. Certain things work, certain things just don't and it's really hard to be impartial when you're producing your own ideas vs. when you're working with a label as a stockist. We tried to come at it with stockist eyes especially toward the end of the sampling process and really be hard on the garment to see make sure it was worth producing. 
We started this about a year and a half ago, it's essentially taken a year longer than it should have done but you know, we want he stuff just as much now as we did then and that's a good sign. I have to send my camisole to a maker for them to have a look at and I'm like but no because I wear it everyday.
Soooo many film and cultural references! Best explained in answers below ;).
If the collection was a food: Pasta 
If it was a song: The Strokes, 'Last Night' 
If it was a mood: Hungover but laughing  
If it was a language: Broken English 
If it was a place: A comfy but beautiful apartment or maybe Florence 
If it was a time: 1969 or 1997
If it was a season: Spring 
If it was a famous person: Mary Kate Olsen, crossed with Bridgette Bardot in And God Created Woman, crossed with an early naughties rocker, crossed with Caroline Bassett Kennedy. Lol sorry it can't be just one
If it was a youtube video:
If it was a colour: Red 
If it was an animal: Probably a cat 
If it was a smell: Fresh bread and butter, tuberose
If it was a texture: Smooth, soft, silky 
If it was a quote: Never complain, never explain 
If it was a film: Jamon Jamon
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Hayley Morgan