Nov 18, 2014 5:49PM

Collection Survey: POMS x Dress Up Collaboration


Adriana Giuffrida and Stephanie Downey are both Melbourne designers with are cult following. Heading up POMS and Dress Up respectively, the ladies are teamed up to produce a collaborative collection of jewellery, inspired by vanity and feminine everything.

Drawing from Dress Up's SS14/15 collection 'Self-Titled', the collection includes pink sapphires, oxidised gypsy set with black spinel, necklaces adorned with nails, bracelets, rings and signature pom pom earrings. read on to find out more!

If it was a colour: Pink
If it was a mood: Romantic
If it was an emoji:

If it was an animal: Pomsky
If it was a famous person: Isabella Rosselini
If it was a YouTube video:

If it was a season: Summer
If it was a food: Chocolate dipped strawberries
If it was a language: Italian

If it was a place: Bed on a sunday morning.
If it was a time: Summer holidays
If it was a piece of art: La 'Danse' by Matisse
If it was a song:

If it was a smell: Rose
If it was a texture: Silk
If it was a quote: "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." — Coco Chanel

If it was a consumer object: Chanel No. 5
If it was a film: Breakfast at Tiffany's

If it was a model: Stephanie Seymour
If it was a single word: Bellissima!


Emily Royal