Jul 02, 2017 9:07PM

Collection Survey: Schueller De Waal's In Bed And Outer Space Resort 18

Beam me up!
Fashion dorks and big dreamers Philipp Schueller and Rens de Waal make the kind of clothing that sits somewhere on an intersection between dress up box and art mum. It's fantastic. Proportions are so off that they're on, making way for silhouettes that are truly interesting. Fabrication references, from team uniforms to hi-vis wear, have a sense of playfulness, while shirting and prints are seriously determined. 
For the Schueller De Waal Resort 18 collection, they've enlisted Dutch dream babe BEA1991 (musician and artist), turned her a sunny yellow and plopped her in bed. The collection, titled 'Let's Stay In Bed For This Season' is a tidy selection of jumpsuits "aiming to dream away to brighter destinations."
SCHUELLER DE WAAL, Philipp Schueller & Rens de Waal
SDW, #dorksmakingfashion
Star sign/s: 
Pisces & Gemini
Where did you grow up and where are you living now? 
Philipp: St.Augustin / Germany
Rens: Terneuzen/ Zeeland / The Netherlands
Now both Amsterdam / The Netherlands
What impact did those places have on you? 
Hunger for 'The New'.
What were you like in high school?
How have you changed since then? 
Physical age ;)
If you had to describe the label's aesthetic in five words…? 
Quirky, eclectic, old lady meets sci-fi babe, all over the place.
What impact does collaboration have on you?
Collaboration is our generation, collaboration is the future.
What are the most important things to remember when designing for Schuller De Waal?
Serious fashion not so serious/
What songs are soundtracking your studio right now?
Of course BEA1991.
Could you do a survey about the collection for us?
If it was a colour: A rainbow with a yellow filter
If it was a mood: Idealistic and hopeful
If it was an animal: Platypus
If it was a language: Extraterrestrial
If it was a place: Bed
If it was a season: Leapyear
If it was a food: Green asparagus with Oreos
If it was a famous person: The Nanny / Fran Fine
If it was a YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=irF5sBTVniI
If it was a smell: Fresh toast
If it was a texture: Coffee ground
If it was a quote: 'This is not lame, it's lamé!'
If it was a film: 'Legend' by Ridley Scott
Model: BEA1991
Photography: Lonneke Van Der Palen
Hair & Make-up: David Koppelaar House Of Orange
Design & Art Direction: Schueller De Waal

Hayley Morgan