Jun 10, 2010 12:00AM

company b measures up

Belvoir St. Theatre's Company B opens its Winter season with Shakespeare's epic tale of sex and power, Measure for Measure.

In Company B's production, corrupt politicians, celebrity and sex tapes reign supreme. In short, "quite athwart goes all decorum".

Directed by Benedict Andrews, lauded for his high-octane interpretations of the classics, Measure for Measure is, in Andrews' words, Shakespeare meets David Lynch.

If that description isn't incentive enough, the production 8 an astonishing collection of Australia's foremost stage talent, including Colin Moody, Robyn McLeavy and Frank Whitten - well worth lining up for.

Measure for Measure runs at the Belvoir St. Upstairs Theatre until July 25th. www.belvoir.com.au