Jan 13, 2017 10:12AM

Cool Gal Grimes Dedicates New Insta Account To Your Art And Her Art

Double tap.

If Grimes were any cooler it would be illegal. This week the little ledge has decided to spend some time making an Insta account dedicated to visual art stuff around her. That means her artwork, plus your "sick" fan art.

Not new to good visuals, Grimes is responsible for directing all of her own music clips, as well as the special illustrations that came with each track from her Art Angles record.

"Yo making a new insta for visual art --> @grimesartofficial where I will post my own illustrations but prob mostly sick fan art like this," She writes, along side an illustration/gig poster by @kumbricwitch. "I'm sad show posters r kind of an obsolete medium w promotions on the internet these days but I just love fonts illustrations and music uniting in an image and i love having memories of shows. Looove this poster anyway, I get so much incredible art all the time from y'all, but I don't want to spam people on my main account." Actual art angel.


Photo: @grimes

Lucy Jones