Sep 09, 2015 9:33PM

Cool Girl Beauty Brand Glossier Now Ships To Australia, Through Net-a-Porter

Thanks to fun packaging and the best brand ethos ever (Skin first. Makeup second. Smile always.), Glossier has become a beauty favourite for cool girls everywhere. But until now, their products have shipped exclusively to the US and Puerto Rico so, we've only been able to participate in their beauty regime via furiously double-tapping their Instagram pics.

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Net-a-Porter have just added the brand's universal skin salve, balm dotcom, to their inventory. So, if you've got an address that Net-a-Porter can ship to, you can have it. From Glossier, "The Balm Dotcom is a gentle, waxy salve that you can put on lips, cuticles, cheekbones—anywhere, really—to protect and hydrate. It's great because it stays put and it's not particularly glossy (though it does work well as a subtle highlighter)." It comes in a three-pack – so that's one for your home, one for your desk, and one for your bag. 
So far, the balm dotcom is the only Glossier product Net-a-Porter are stocking. But if you show it some love, it might prompt them to stock the full range. Ready, set, go.

"Gifted myself #glossier. #allthestickers #glossierpink" you go, @huhitsjane.

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Hayley Morgan