Mar 18, 2016 1:07PM

Cool Girl On The Internet: Ellis Clare

"I'm just a kid doing fun stuff."

New York babe @EdgyEllis is equal parts punk-rock-bad-gal and sweetheart. The young model and photographer has mad style, mixing her eye for vintage with clean-cut vibes, and definitely qualifies as a cool girl on the internet. We caught up with Ellis to talk barring the haters, inspo quotes on Instagram and getting liberated online.  

Ava Nirui: How old are you and what do you do?
Ellis Clare: I'm Ellis and I'm 19. I live in the city! I do a little bit of everything... I do a little of modelling, photography and I manage a store for money! I work at a store in Soho. I'm just a kid doing fun stuff. I love participating in anything art-related, and I love clothing.

Are you in college?
I did go to college! I started in September at New York Institute of Technology for Computer Science 'cause my mum wanted me to. I ended up going for a semester but then fucking hated that shit. I'm good at it, and I think pretty smart, and did super well in high school. But I was spending five hours in a class and people would hit me up to do something cool and I felt like it was difficult maintaining college work and modelling too. I felt like I needed a break to see what I really wanted to do. I've always been interested in fashion and photography. I know so many people who haven't had to go to college. I'll probably go back soon for fashion business in the Fall. I really want a degree in something business-oriented. I know when I'm 30, I'm not gonna be a fucking model! 

What do you do for fun?
I hang out with my boyfriend... a lot. For fun, we literally just go thrifting in Brooklyn. Lately we have been really closeted inside watching Making A Murderer on Netflix. We prefer hanging at home! 

What's been your favourite shoot you have done thus far?
Recently I've been doing a lot of shoots with close friends. I like shooting with someone I have a connection with. I like to work within the shoot, like styling it. I recently did a shoot for Neon Mag which was cool. It was with a bunch of fun people. 

What are some things you love and hate about Instagram?
Instagram is more a business. For me, everything I am is because of Instagram — not 'cause I think it made my life, but because my best friends, boyfriend, roommate are people I've met through Instagram. People used to look through magazines to develop their style. Now, if you follow the right people you can develop a sense of style. That's what I love. I hate Instagram for the random people talking shit about you. There's always gonna be someone putting you down or saying like, "What the fuck are your eyebrows doing?" or, "I hate your style" but when people say rude things I think it's funny how ignorant they are. 

Can you show me a crazy DM you've received?
Someone recently DM'd me a pic of me and edited over it, "Marry me?" and I was like what the fuck!? Although, I find that more cute than weird. I talk to a lot of people through Instagram and Tumblr, like younger girls who are asking for advice. A lot of people look up to other people with a following, but if you use it for good it's better than nothing! If you use it to help people, it's better than just putting up selfies.

Can you share an Instagram "don't"?
It depends on the person. Dont's are probably inspirational quotes. I love quotes and reading, but I don't wanna see some "dream today" stupid shit. 

What do you think about girls liberating themselves through sharing their bodies online?
I'm so for it. I've never been someone who showed their body, 'cause I'm really influenced by style. My mother's always been really stylish and thought what you wear is more important than your body. But, there are people who share their bodies and I'm like, "You fucking go" 'cause I don't have the balls to do that cause I'm chillin' in 12 layers. I don't feel any bad way about people sharing their bodies. 

Who are some girls that inspire you?
Obviously Sarah, she's my best friend. I love Sahara! There's this girl Erica, she's got the greatest style. I love her blog! Oh, and Polina!

How would you describe your style?
My mum really influenced by style. I would be in seventh grade wearing a leopard mini. My style is laidback, but also I love clean things — like mum jeans and high heel boots. I like being clean and put together without doing too much. 

What's your dream job?
I wanna be in a movie! I love movies and I always have been influenced by iconic actresses like Audrey Hepburn. Movies are important 'cause they portray a moment in someone's life. If you watch an Angelina Jolie movie, she looks different in every single one. Movies are very important. 

Photos & Text: Ava Nirui