Aug 30, 2016 12:38PM

Courtney Love & Anna Faris Hang Out In The Kitchen, Redefine #FriendshipGoals

My kitchen rules.

Secret love of our life Anna Faris and love of her life Chris Pratt recently half-broke the internet when photos emerged of Courtney Love serenading them in their kitchen. Turns out it was for Anna's podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified, and today we've recieved the whole beautiful enchilada. 

Anna's hypnotic voice — a flag-bearer for stoners everywhere — opens the podcast, letting Courts know how bloody excited she is to have her over. Anna hits her with all the big questions, like whether she thinks there's a difference between a love of acting and a love of music, and what her biggest dealbreakers are. To give you an idea, someone presenting Courtney with a package containing a dead hummingbird doesn't constitute as a dealbreaker :/. Someone secretly filming them having sex (thankfully) does though... 

Courtney dishes up some solid relationship advice for callers and then jams for the cutest couple in their kitchen. Courtney and Anna then one-up #friendshipgoals everywhere when they goofball out together on the couch. See/listen to it all below: 


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Madeleine Woon