May 18, 2010 12:00AM

crystal lined coffee tables

Swarovski have put their shimmering touch on everything from chandeliers and figurines to Carrie Bradshaw and a 550 pound Christmas tree star. Recently, the Austrian crystal company has collaborated with Brooklyn-based furniture design duo Hellman-Chang to create two beautiful crystal-lined coffee tables. The designers were approached by Swarovski to combine their classic furniture designs with finely-cut crystals, and the result is both sophisticated and stunning.

The Crystal Omni Side Table is lined with thousands of precious loose crystals, while the Crystal Z Side Table is retrofitted with finely-cut Crystal Mesh which is set under a sheet of sapphire glass. These ultra-luxe tables come in Powder White or Jet Black, and if they still aren't shiny enough you can choose to purchase them in a high polish finish. Leave it to Swarovski to find a way to combine minimalism with bling.